1 HOURTEC is a line of products created by Blinker for carrying out super-fast cosmetic vehicle repairs.1 HOURTEC products are a technological revolution. Teamed with the SMART (Small Area Repair) techniques, they are redefining the rapid repair concept.

The massive demand for these services from users has triggered the growth new generation of specialised professionals and workshops in Europe, which are seeing excellent results.

1 HOURTEC technology is a great business opportunity for workshops
, which can offer their customers far more profitable, efficient replacement parts.
This workshop system reduces man hours, saves materials and lowers energy costs while creating less waste. This makes it possible to get the most from available resources and get maximum returns from the business.

has solutions for small and medium paint repairs, bodywork, glass, headlamps, bumpers, plastics, dashboards, leather and velour fibre upholstery, alloy wheels and other items with minor damage associated with routine use of the car.

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1 HOURTEC is particularly useful for making quick repairs to scratches, dents and damage to the car's paint and bodywork.


Using ultra-fast UV drying technology, small scratches and dents to the bodywork can be repaired in under an hour. When this UV technology is combined with the DIAMON range, medium-size repairs can be completed in record time.

The dent and the Glue Puller system are used to repair dents in the bodywork without having to remove parts, making it possible to conserve the original paint. All this allows workers to make good use of their time and improves their service capacities.

Blinker also has a range of conventional products for repairing more seriously damages bodywork. These include its own paint system and paint booths, the WATERH2O.



1 HOURTEC has systems for repairing different interior parts of the car for spectacular results. These applications restore the vehicle to its original appearance, for a high quality look and a superior market value.


1 HOURTEC has products for repairing velour and leather upholstery, avoiding the need to replace seat and door covers, coverings, etc. The system includes everything needed to repair all types of upholstery in all colours.

There is also a system for repairing steering wheels, dashboards and other plastic vehicle components. These products repair and restore the original finish of the treated items.




1HOURTEC also has systems for repairing different parts of the outside of the vehicle such as headlights, windows, bumpers and alloy wheels. Replacing these parts keeps vehicles looking impeccable.

The headlight repair system is suitable for dealing with yellowing and small defects on headlights and other polycarbonate parts. The special headlamp lacquer guarantees a perfect, long-lasting finish and restored the original shine.


Laminated headlight repair has also entered a new dimension thanks to 1 HOURTEC technology.
The typical scratches, cracks and dents on laminated glass can now be corrected quickly with UV cured resins, avoiding the expense of replacing the entire windscreen.

Damage to bumpers and plastic exterior parts are no problem with the 1 HOURTEC system. These products rebuild the damage to perfection and there is no need to remove and replace the part.

1 HOURTEC also makes it possible to repair damage, dents and scratches on alloy wheels. Alloy wheels have a great impact on the appearance of a car, so owners are keen to restore the new appearance they have lost over time. This application is particularly useful in the case of high-range vehicles where image is an essential aspect of sales.


1 HOURTEC by BLINKER is designed to meet all our customers' needs. Kits are supplied in tidy cupboards for easy management of the different products to keep everything in perfect order.

If you are short of space and only want to use a few 1 HOURTEC systems, we offer kits in independent, single-function or multifunctional cases.

As well as its extensive range of 1 HOURTEC products, Blinker offers trade professionals training courses and demonstrations where they can familiarise themselves with the numerous applications of this generation of products. These courses introduce professionals to all the possibilities of the different products through practical application until they master the techniques.

Along with this training, the firm also offers the necessary advice for integrating the system in the workshop and for securing new business opportunities. When you acquire this technology our technical department will always be available to resolve any questions you may have about the system.

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